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386ex Embedded Computer

This Intel 386EX computer runs at 25MHz and has 2 MBytes of  DRAM and 1 MByte Flash disk on-board.  Additional Flash Disk capacity can be added by installing a DiskOnChip (not included).  The board also features a RS485 interface, an alphanumeric LCD interface, 10Base-T Ethernet interface (Crystal CS8900), RTC, and 20 I/O lines.

One development kit is also available which includes a TS-2200 computer, power supply, manuals, and utilities disk.

Manufacturer: T-Systems

TS-2200 Info From T-Systems

Part #: TS-2200-485

10 available

Price: $75.00 USD each (Original cost $199 plus $20 for RS485 option)


T-Systems, TS-2200 386ex dev. kit  

Development kit. Includes TS-2200, all cables, power supply, schematics, and a printed manual.

Manufacturer: T-Systems

Part #: TS-2200-KIT

1 available

Price: $100.00 USD (Original cost $269)




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