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RAB2000 Dev Board for the RCM2100 Rabbit Core Module


The RAB2000 is a development board for the RCM2100 family of Rabbit core modules.  It provides a convenient way to connect the core module to serial ports and prototype circuitry without a lot of soldering.  All IO ports are routed to separate connectors for easy connection to your circuitry via ribbon cables.


The RAB2000 dev board has 8 switch inputs, 8 LED outputs, and options for half or full duplex RS485 drivers, LCDs, and a multi-media card for serial dataflash.  One serial port has on-board Rabbit programming circuitry to avoid the need for the external Rabbit programming cable.


The Rabbit 2000 processor is an excellent choice for general purpose microcontroller development.    


RAB2000 Layout With Comments (175k)

RAB2000 Brochure (146k)

     RAB2000 Model 100 Photo (JPG)(111k)

RAB2000 Schematic (Version 1.01) (804k)

RAB2000 Bill of Materials (Version 1.00) (20k)

RAB2000 PCB Layout (1:1 Size) (173k)

RAB2000 PCB Top Side Tracks (1:1 Size) (300k)

RAB2000 PCB Bottom Side Tracks (1:1 Size) (219k)




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