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See our Rabbit Developers Page for Rabbit 2000 articles and software.

Additional Rabbit related parts can be found at the bottom of this page.


RAB2000 Development Board for the 

Rabbit Semi RCM2100 Core Modules



The RAB2000 is a development board for the RCM2100 family of Rabbit core modules.  It provides a convenient way to connect the core module to serial ports and prototype circuitry without soldering.  All IO ports are routed to separate connectors for easy connection to your circuitry via ribbon cables.  It's ideal for solderless breadboards.


Schematic diagrams, the PCB layout, and other information for the RAB2000 can be found here.


RAB2000 Brochure (121k)



The RAB2000 is available in a few different versions with various options installed.


RAB2000 PCB - Bare PCB (No Parts Included)

A bare RAB2000 PCB can be purchased so that you can populate it yourself.  A full BOM will be available on-line providing all manufacturer's part numbers.

Part #: PCB-9

Price: $25.00 USD each


RAB2000 Model 100 - Economy Development Board

The Model 100 version of the development board has the minimal parts to develop RS232 applications.  Only one of the two MAX202 drivers is installed for each serial port.  


Part #: PCA-9/100

  • RCM2100 access headers (0.1" pitch)

  • IO port connectors 

  • Four RS232 drivers, two DCE and two DTE
    (2 handshake lines each) 

  • DB9 connectors for RS232

  • Rabbit programming switch for serial port 1

  • +5V voltage regulator with heatsink

Price: Assembled boards are no longer available

The RCM2100 core module and DC wall adapter are options (see below).

RAB2000 Model 200 - Full-featured Development Board

The Model 200 version of the development board adds additional MAX202 drivers to allow full handshaking on the RS232 ports.  The RCM2100 has enough IO to do full handshaking on two ports.  The input switches, output LEDs, and LCD connectors are populated.  The RS485/422 driver is also added.

  • RCM2100 access headers (0.1" pitch)

  • 8 switch inputs, 8 LED outputs 

  • LCD connectors (1x14 and two 2x7)

  • IO port connectors 

  • Four RS232 drivers, two DCE and two DTE 
    (drivers for full handshaking) 

  • DB9 connectors for RS232

  • Rabbit programming switch for DCE serial port 1

  • RS485/422 drivers, full or half duplex, with removable terminal block

  • +5V voltage regulator with heatsink

  • DIP16 ribbon cable and jumper wire kit

Part #: PCA-9/200

Price: Assembled boards are no longer available

The RCM2100 core module and DC wall adapter are options (see below).


Serial Dataflash Option

This Serial Dataflash Option adds a multi-media card (MMC) connector to the RAB2000 board for an Atmel Serial Dataflash.  The dataflash interface can be populated along with a 3V3 regulator to power it.  One Dataflash card can be included.  


Dataflash cards in 2, 4 and 8 megabyte sizes can be used.



The SF1000.LIB libraries provided with Dynamic C can be adapted to access these memory cards.  They use the same family of Atmel memory ICs that are used in the Rabbit Semiconductor dataflash boards, but they have the convenient, removable MMC form factor.


RCM2100 Core Module Option

The RAB2000 boards are sold without a Rabbit core module so that you have the option to buy the module you want.  Card Labs sells the RCM2100 core module which has 512k Flash/ 512k RAM and 10Mbps ethernet.

Part # RCM2100 

Price: $49.00 USD (with purchase of a RAB2000 Dev Board) 

Four different core module versions are available from Rabbit Semiconductor with 256k Flash/256k RAM or 512k Flash/ 512k RAM, with or without ethernet.  



DC Wall Adapter

+12VDC, 1.5 Amp wall adapter (regulated), 100-240VAC input, 18 Watts

Order PRO-1: $20.00 USD each


High Current DC Adapter

The STD-1025 is a +12VDC, 3 Amp desktop power supply (i.e. not a wall mount), regulated, with power cord.  It is a wide input range switcher (100 to 240VAC).

Photo of the ratings label.

Manufacturer: Adapter Tech.

Order STD-1025: $25.00 USD each


RCM2100 RabbitCore Processor Module

The RCM2100 is a Rabbit processor board complete with 10Mb Ethernet, 512K of Flash memory and 512K of SRAM.  Headers on the bottom provide buffered external addressing, 34 parallel user I/O and 4 serial ports.

Manufacturer: Rabbit Semiconductor

RCM2100 Info From Rabbit Semi

Part #: RCM2100

Card Labs Price: $49.00 USD each (with RAB2000 Dev Board purchase) 

Card Labs Price: $69.00 USD each (Rabbit Semi price $89 qty. 1) 



RS232 Serial Keypad


Manufacturer: Ortek

Part #: MCK-18S/N

Price: $25.00 USD each  


Add a keypad to your Rabbit project!


This serial keypad is powered from the RS232 port.  It transmits a character at 1200 baud for every key press.  The characters sent are not those on the keys, so character translation must be done in the Rabbit.  A different character is sent for key down and key up.


Here is a Nuts & Volts article describing how to replace the micro in the keypad with your own PIC micro.  It gives some of the technical details of the keypad.

A disk with Windows drivers is included if you want to use the keypad with your PC.  Click for larger photo.



RS232 to TTL Translation Board + Relay

This RS232 board makes it easy to add a serial port to your projects.  It has a MAX232 driver and a 78L05 so +5V regulated power is not required.  The RS232 signals are available on a DB9 connector and the TTL signals are available on a 2x5 ribbon cable.  The relay can be  controlled with a TTL signal.  

Click for a larger photo.

Manufacturer: Nortel

Part #: PCA-201  Price: $25.00 USD

A metal housing is also available for the PCA-201.  Photo 1.  Photo2.

Part #: PCA-201E (board + housing)  Price: $30.00 USD



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